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for f in *; do
echo $f
# skip directories
[ -d $f ] && continue
case `file --mime-type $f | awk '{print $2}'` in
application/gzip) ext="gz";;
application/pdf) ext="pdf";;
application/x-bzip2) ext="bz2";;
application/x-debian-package) ext="deb";;
application/x-dosexec) ext="exe";;
application/x-rar) ext="rar";;
application/zip) ext="zip";;
audio/mpeg) ext="mp3";;
audio/x-wav) ext="wav";;
binary) ext="wav";;
image/gif) ext="gif";;
image/jpeg) ext="jpg";;
image/png) ext="png";;
image/x-ms-bmp) ext="bmp";;
text/html) ext="html";;
text/plain) ext="txt";;
text/x-tex) ext="tex";;
video/mpeg) ext="mpg";;
video/x-msvideo) ext="avi";;
# do not handle this file if the extension already matches
case $f in
*$ext) continue
mv ${f} ${f}.${ext}
# now replace & and ? in f
f=`echo "$f" | sed 's/?/%3F/g; s/&/%26/g'`
perl -pi -e "s/\\Q${f}\\E([#\"])/${f}.${ext}\1/g" *