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from urllib import urlretrieve
import urllib2
from lxml import etree
import os
from sys import argv
base_url = ""
manga = argv[1]
chapter = argv[2]
path = "%s/%s"%(manga, chapter)
if not os.path.exists(path):
f = urllib2.urlopen("%s/%s/%s/"%(base_url, manga, chapter))
tree = etree.parse(f, etree.HTMLParser())
firstpage = "%s%s"%(base_url, tree.find(".//div[@id='chapter-cover']//ul/li/a").attrib['href'])
f = urllib2.urlopen(firstpage)
tree = etree.parse(f, etree.HTMLParser())
for page in [p.attrib['value'] for p in tree.findall(".//select[@id='id_page_select']/option")]:
print manga, chapter, page
tree2 = etree.parse(urllib2.urlopen("%s/%s/%s/%s"%(base_url, manga, chapter, page)), etree.HTMLParser())
urlretrieve(tree2.find(".//div[@class='one-page']//img[@class='manga-page']").attrib['src'], "%s/%s.jpg"%(path,page))