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# Copyright 2023 Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <>
# Copyright 2023 Helmut Grohne <>
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
# This script is mostly compatible with autopkgtest-build-qemu as shipped in
# autopkgtest. Main differences:
# * It does not support any value for --boot but efi.
# * It uses different tools, most importantly swaps out vmdb2.
# * It can be run as non-root via user namespaces.
# We generally use single quotes to avoid variable expansion:
# shellcheck disable=SC2016
: <<'POD2MAN'
=head1 NAME
mmdebstrap-autopkgtest-build-qemu - autopkgtest-build-qemu without vmdb2 but mmdebstrap and EFI boot
B<mmdebstrap-autopkgtest-build-qemu> [I<OPTIONS>] B<--boot>=B<efi> I<RELEASE> I<IMAGE>
B<mmdebstrap-autopkgtest-build-qemu> is a mostly compatible drop-in replacement
for B<autopkgtest-build-qemu>(1) with two main differences: Firstly, it uses
B<mmdebstrap>(1) instead of B<vmdb2>(1) and thus is able to create QEMU disk
images without requiring superuser privileges. Secondly, it uses
B<systemd-boot>(7) and thus only supports booting via EFI.
=over 8
=item I<RELEASE>
The release to download from the I<MIRROR>. This parameter is required.
=item I<IMAGE>
The file to write, in raw format. This parameter is required.
=head1 OPTIONS
=over 8
=item B<--mirror>=I<MIRROR>
Specify which distribution to install. It defaults to (i.e. Debian), but you can pass a mirror of any
Debian derivative.
=item B<--architecture>=I<ARCHITECTURE>
Set the architecture for the virtual machine image, specified as a B<dpkg>(1)
architecture. If omitted, the host architecture is assumed.
B<--arch>=I<ARCH> is an alias for this option.
=item B<--script>=I<SCRIPT>
Specifies a user script that will be called with the root filesystem of the
image as its first parameter. This script can them make any necesssary
modifications to the root filesystem.
The script must be a POSIX shell script, and should not depend on bash-specific
features. This script will be executed inside a B<chroot>(1) call in the
virtual machine root filesystem.
=item B<--size>=I<SIZE>
Specifies the image size for the virtual machine, defaulting to 25G.
=item B<--apt-proxy>=I<PROXY>
Specify an apt proxy to use in the virtual machine. By default, if you have
an apt proxy configured on the host, the virtual machine will automatically use
this, otherwise there is no default.
=item B<--boot>=B<efi>, B<--efi>
Select the way the generated image will expect to be booted. Unless you
explicitly select --boot=efi, operation will fail.
=item B<--keyring>=I<KEYRING>
Passes an additional B<--keyring> parameter to B<mmdebstrap>.
$ mmdebstrap-autopkgtest-build-qemu --boot=efi stable /path/to/debian-stable-i386.img i386
$ mmdebstrap-autopkgtest-build-qemu --boot=efi unstable /path/to/debian-unstable.img
=head1 SEE ALSO
B<autopkgtest-build-qemu>(1), B<autopkgtest-virt-qemu>(1), B<mmdebstrap>(1), B<autopkgtest>(1)
set -eu
die() {
@ -19,7 +105,7 @@ die() {
exit 1
usage() {
die "usage: $0 [--boot=|--architecture=|--apt-proxy=|--keyring=|--mirror=|--script=|--size=] <RELEASE> <IMAGE> [MIRROR] [ARCHITECTURE] [SCRIPT] [SIZE]"
die "usage: $0 [--architecture=|--apt-proxy=|--keyring=|--mirror=|--script=|--size=] --boot=efi <RELEASE> <IMAGE>"
usage_error() {
echo "error: $*" 1>&2