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set -eu
export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8
if [ ! -e /mmdebstrap-testenv ]; then
echo "this test modifies the system and should only be run inside a container" >&2
exit 1
mount -t tmpfs -o nodev,nosuid,size=400M tmpfs /tmp
# use --customize-hook to exercise the mounting/unmounting code of block devices in root mode
{{ CMD }} --mode=root --variant=apt --customize-hook='mount | grep /dev/full' --customize-hook='test "$(echo foo | tee /dev/full 2>&1 1>/dev/null)" = "tee: /dev/full: No space left on device"' {{ DIST }} /tmp/debian-chroot.tar {{ MIRROR }}
tar -tf /tmp/debian-chroot.tar | sort | diff -u tar1.txt -
rm /tmp/debian-chroot.tar