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set -eu
export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8
trap "rm -rf /tmp/debian-chroot /tmp/log /tmp/trimmed" EXIT INT TERM
# we check the full log to also prevent debug printfs to accidentally make it into a commit
{{ CMD }} --mode=root --variant=apt --logfile=/tmp/log {{ DIST }} /tmp/debian-chroot {{ MIRROR }}
# omit the last line which should contain the runtime
head --lines=-1 /tmp/log > /tmp/trimmed
cat << LOG | diff -u - /tmp/trimmed
I: chroot architecture {{ HOSTARCH }} is equal to the host's architecture
I: finding correct signed-by value...
I: automatically chosen format: directory
I: running apt-get update...
I: downloading packages with apt...
I: extracting archives...
I: installing essential packages...
I: cleaning package lists and apt cache...
tail --lines=1 /tmp/log | grep '^I: success in .* seconds$'
tar -C /tmp/debian-chroot --one-file-system -c . | tar -t | sort | diff -u tar1.txt -