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script and scriptreplay are part of the bsdutils package in Debian and Ubuntu, util-linux-ng in Fedora and util-linux in SUSE. They allow to capture a terminal or script output and replay it, respectively.

This page uses the vt100 emulator by Frank Bi and adds code of my own to read typescript and timing files to make it possible to replay captured scripts a web browser.

By adding an upload facility to this it would be possible to have a youtube or pastebin for terminal sessions. Due to laziness this remains a proof of concept for now though.

  • This javascript terminal window is 80x24 characters, so it might be best to adjust your terminal window to that size as well using the following to check:

    $ watch "tput cols; tput lines"

  • Start recording:

    $ SHELL=/bin/sh TERM=vt100 script -t typescript 2> timingfile

  • Do your stuff and when done exit script with exit, logout or ctrl-d.

  • To test how your recorded session looks like, use:

    $ scriptreplay timingfile typescript

  • Enter timingfile and typescript into form above and hit the play button.