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Give a directory, find all transitive subdirectories of which two or more duplicates exist.

Two directories are considered a duplicate of each other if their sha256 checksums are equal. A directory's sha256 checksum is calculated from the concatenation of the following content of the directory:

  • all file names
  • all file contents
  • the targets of all symlinks (links are not followed)
  • all direct subdirectory names
  • the sha256 of its direct subdirectories

To avoid clutter, only those duplicate directories are printed for which at least one parent directory has a different hash from the others. This avoids printing duplicate directories for which their parents are also all the exact duplicate of each other.

The output format has 4 or more columns separated by tabs. The first column lists the diskusage as it would be returned by du -b. The second column lists the amount of elements in this sub directory tree as it would be returned by find | wc -l. All subsequent columns list the duplicate directories with the same content.