WIP: Support file:/ mirrors #25

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David Kalnischkies 6baf4151f9 Set MMDEBSTRAP_VERBOSITY to inform hooks of verbosity level
Hooks might want to be more or less verbose depending on how verbose
mmdebstrap is configured to be.
2 years ago
David Kalnischkies c2cb442899 Let apt decide unpack order instead of sorting filenames
Now that the deb files can reside in different places sorting them leads
to subtil differences in the order and hence the created chroot. apts
unpack order on the other hand might not be a good order (but why would
one sorted from a to z be one?), but it is far more stable as it is
independent on the filenames.
2 years ago
David Kalnischkies 317bfea7e5 Support file:// mirrors the same way copy:// is supported
As long as you can make it so that the same path to the deb file works
inside and outside of the chroot using file:// as a mirror is no longer
a problem with the previous work.
2 years ago
David Kalnischkies 3ceebe7e07 Ask apt to give us the deb filenames directly
Guessing filenames is boring. What if we could ask apt to tell us which
debs it downloaded (or found lying around elsewhere) directly? Turns out
we can rather easily avoiding a bunch of guesswork.
2 years ago
David Kalnischkies 75e5a14e6d Factor out downloading packages with apt 2 years ago
David Kalnischkies ee142d52a5 Replace EDSP with EIPP usage obsoleting proxysolver
EIPP stands for "External Installation Planner Protocol" and is rather
similar to EDSP but with the clear advantage that we can extract the
information we need more easily as we can tell apt to write the file for
us rather than playing solver-in-the-middle and the problem space is
much smaller meaning less data for apt to generate and to pass through
our hands.

The idea here is simply that every package which doesn't have a Status
field in EIPP has the uninstalled status and the only reason its is part
of the EIPP request is that we want to change this by installing it.
That could be verified via the Install header at the start of the
request, but this commit doesn't implement that.

Note that this means we need "more" than the download-only mode can
provide: Either a simulation or "the real deal". Except we modify the
later to be a fancy no op.
2 years ago