set DPkg::Chroot-Directory in APT_CONFIG #34

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Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues 9cea818727
set DPkg::Chroot-Directory in APT_CONFIG
This is so that users calling apt-get install from a hook only need to
have APT_CONFIG=$MMDEBSTRAP_APT_CONFIG set and do not also have to pass

This breaks users running apt-get with
DPkg::Options::=--force-script-chrootless or with Dpkg::Pre-Install-Pkgs
from within a hook with APT_CONFIG=$MMDEBSTRAP_APT_CONFIG.

In those situations, DPkg::Chroot-Directory has to be set to the empty
string explicitly with -o to overwrite the APT_CONFIG setting.

Thanks: Helmut Grohne
1 year ago