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fgau 90eaa81f2d shows the contact for incoming calls 13 years ago
2D_Slider Release 0.2 - grid of lines 13 years ago
PyBat/trunk added support for 2.6.28 kernel 13 years ago
PyLight/trunk changed startscreen 13 years ago
PyTracker/trunk a few fixes and a very good idea by bumbl: atexit :) thx 13 years ago
SMSTool Tagging the 0.3c release - Release from 06-Oct-2007 14 years ago
SettingsGUI FEATURE: Added manual theme loading (commented out) 13 years ago
auxmenu/trunk removed useless code 13 years ago
denis Ja es ist das Neo 1973 :) 14 years ago
epydial shows the contact for incoming calls 13 years ago
fso_soundmanagement/trunk upgraded rules.yaml, changed rington (change the file phone/default.yaml) 13 years ago
images added neo1973-germany logo 14 years ago
pyFeedRead Tagging the 0.2 release - Release from 24-Sep-2007 14 years ago
pyPenNotes FEATURE: Compress Data 14 years ago
pyaccel have fun ;) 13 years ago
pylgrim adjusted pathes 14 years ago
pyphone added pyphone as example code 14 years ago
unitc Corrected the filenames 13 years ago
zadje_klon added zadje clon with edje animations instead of evas 14 years ago